Welcome to We Got Moves!

We are a locally owned and operated moving company based in Phoenix, Arizona.  We service all of Arizona and know you have options when it comes to your move.  We genuinely thank you for  considering us to do the job!


In the moving industry, clients are forced to choose between low prices OR high quality.  It's virtually impossible to find a company that will listen and accommodate your needs without charging you an outrageous amount of money.

You will find the rare combo of quality services at a fair rate with us!  

First, we treat all of our customers and their possessions as if they were ours.  Our promise to you, is that we will work as fast as possible to get the job done right.  But, if we need to take a few extra minutes to secure a piece of furniture or protect a valuable painting, we will.  We are not in a race.  Fast often leads to careless errors and broken items.  Our #1 priority is to do the job right the first time.

Second, we will never sell you on something you don't need or want.  For example, If your move can be done with 2 movers, we will never try to sell you on hiring 3 movers.


Last, we will listen and accommodate you as best as we can.  We understand you may have access to your new home at a specific time.  We get that you will have other responsibilities on moving day.  We also know that moving isn't always fun and can be quite stressful.   We listen to our clients and do everything we can to make the process as smooth as possible. 



Thanks for giving us a chance to earn your business!