Hi!  We are Danyelle and Dorothy, and we are the owners of We Got Moves!  We are lifelong friends who enjoy spending time together and with our families.  We started We Got Moves! because we wanted to showcase our strengths within our work.  We use our experiences to give our clients the best options available when it comes to moving.


I love working with people, and have been providing high levels of care support for 20 plus years. My natural ability to identify with people and their needs, allows me the opportunity to show people that I truly care about them- on a "real" holistic level. I'm on your side, whatever the situation may be. My priority is you; ensuring your needs to be met with care, trust integrity and with successful resolutions 100% along the way!!Your victories, are my victories!



I know how stressful a move can be!  I've been working in the moving industry for over 25 years and I have seen it all.  Moving is so much more than just packing and unpacking boxes.  The kids need to get enrolled in school, you need to change your address on EVERYTHING.  You have to fix the unexpected leak in the new place.  New keys, new friends, new life...and it's hard to do.  That's also the reason why I do this for a living.  In an industry filled with strong men, we believe 2 strong women are the formula for success.