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Are You Moving? This is How You Should Pack Your Books

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

While it's important to know how to transport a moving fridge or other household appliances, packing books is also essential. Doing it properly will help you save time and make much better use of the boxes you have. At Moving Company Near Glendale we want to share with you some tricks that work for us, although you already know that you can always count on our help.

Always choose small boxes

Packing books may not seem difficult to you and very soon you will choose a large box to put them all inside. But, at the moment of moving that box, it is impossible for you! Therefore, the best advice is not to exceed too much in the size of the boxes. The small ones are the most suitable so that their weight is easily transportable whether you do it by hand or with help.

By packing books in small boxes you can also screen by weight. You can put the heaviest books in one box and the lightest ones in another. Another option is to fill half the box with books that weigh a lot and put those that weigh less in the remaining space. Thus, the boxes will have a more balanced weight and will be easily manageable.

Try different positions

The position when packing books in a move matters. You can place them in a standing box, although you run the risk that some are too big and do not fit well. Therefore, you can make several piles of books to know which ones can go in a standing box or better stacked. Do several tests before finding the one that best suits your needs. This way you can make better use of the boxes for the move.

Label and secure boxes well

Labeling in a move is vital so that in your new home you can find what you are looking for without problems. Keep in mind that you will have many boxes around you, some will contain clothes, other electronics, etc. For this reason, it is a step that you should not forget, because once the boxes are closed it can be a hassle to open them again. There may be several, remember!

However, when packing books you cannot ignore the importance of securing the boxes very well for the move. This will prevent tearing and damage to the books. It may rain when you move or the weather conditions are not the best. Therefore, you must take great care of the packaging when packing books so that they are not damaged during transport.

Don't pack your books last

You may be tempted to pack books at the end, when it's almost moving day. This is not a good idea and it is that the rush can play tricks on you. Books that are not picked up, boxes that are too full, some that break... For this reason, it is convenient that you pack the books the days before.

Also, remember to save 1 or 2 books to enjoy while you make the move. If you have contracted a Moving Company Near Glendale and you are moving to a place quite far from where you lived, it may be a good idea to read a book in the means of transport in which you are going. This will make moving day a lot easier and allow you to enjoy it a little more.

As you may have noticed, packing books for a move is not difficult, however, you have to keep these tips in mind so as not to make mistakes that add stress on that key day. Changing residence is always an important moment, full of nerves and emotion. So preparing everything in advance is vital.

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