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How To Make a Move With Cats?

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Moving with cats can be a disturbing experience for your pet if you spread the stress of the moment to your feline friend. So for everything runs smoothly and the cat can naturally get used to its new home, follow these tips, and enjoy the experience of a new life for both of you!

Cats are independent as well as affectionate pets. Unlike dogs, they have retained their wild instincts, and although they are capable of creating a strong bond with their handler (whom they do not consider a leader, but an equal), they are also natural explorers and adventurers, and tend to create a strong roots bond towards the house in which they live.

For this reason, moving with cats can present an added component of difficulty, which is important to know how to manage. Here we explain how.

Before and during the move with cats

Before starting the move, with the movement of workers in your house, you should remove the cat to a quiet room, where it finds objects that are familiar to it, its bed, its toys, some food and water. Leave the window closed and close the door, taking care that no one enters that space and let the animal gradually get used to the packaging, suitcases, boxes, etc., which are going to fill the house a little sudden for him.

It must be said that a private move is much more agile and silent than it may seem at first, since the operators of serious moving companies such as Phoenix Moving Company are specially trained so that nothing disturbs you or causes inconvenience to your neighbors.

During the transport phase of the move, it is advisable that the cat's main caregiver be the one who reassures it and is in charge of putting it in a carrier to take it with him to the new home.

It is important to take with the cat, in a differentiated way, all its belongings, so that they do not mix with other objects or moving boxes and are difficult to locate on arrival and if possible, do not wash their bed, the bowls where they usually eat, nor their toys until they have spent some time in the new house, etc, they will find it very comforting to meet their familiar things again and that they smell like always.

In fact, it is more than recommended that already during the day of the transfer, you have a basic kit with water and food, prepared and at hand for any eventuality that may arise.

Arrival at the new home in a move with cats

When you arrive at the destination home, give priority to your pet. Do everything you can to make the process as stress-free as possible for your cat. You can operate in the same way: relocate your things and some chair or cushion that you like in an isolated room, and take your partner out of the carrier. If you take a few minutes to shower it with attention and affection, the arrival will be much less disturbing for it.

How can we help you with your move if you have pets?

At Arizona Moving Company we are used to doing private removals of all kinds. We also do removals for companies, businesses, condos, apartments, dorms, etc, and we have our own teamwork. If you need us to help you with your move, tell us about your needs, including pet transport, and we will know how to help you, including the loan of carriers for your feline friends.

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