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How To Move With Musical Instruments?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Imagine that you have lived in your parents' house for many years and now you have to move. You become independent, and you have to take with you your musical instrument, that one with which you got started in this music business but you don't know-how.

Our advice is that you do not despair. Everything can be moved. The important thing and what you will be wishing is that the instrument does not have any damage and it arrives at your new home safely.

Like works of art, large musical instruments, such as a piano or a large drum, are delicate objects that require special care. That’s why a moving company near Sedona will pack these instruments correctly.

How Should We Pack The Musical Instruments?

As you well know, the instruments must be treated with delicacy; therefore, the packaging must be done correctly. Failure to pack or use appropriate materials for instrument packaging may cause serious damage so protection must be done seriously.

Not all instruments will be packaged the same, for example, if your instrument has strings, it is important to loosen them a bit. Then you can wrap it in newspaper and on top, put a bubble wrap (one or two layers).

Now, place the wrapped instrument in its own case, and if you feel that there is enough space between the case and the instrument, place paper balls so that there is no such vacuum. Fill the case so that you can close properly.

On the other hand, if your musical instrument is made of different pieces such as a drum, it will be possible to pack it piece by piece using bubble wrap.

Then it is important to place the instrument in its original box as it is the correct size. However, if the original box is very soft, it is advisable to change it for another that is more rigid for greater protection and leave the boxes or cases softer for instruments that are not so large. Try to use all the packaging materials that are necessary.

On the other hand, larger instruments can be more complicated to pack. For this, it is necessary to use a lot of newspaper and bubble paper so that they do not get scratched. But if you are not sure how to proceed with the correct packaging, contact a moving company near Goodyear for assistance. Depending on the musical instrument, it will be convenient to disassemble and pack it separately.

Packing Boxes For Musical Instruments

It may happen that you no longer have the original box of your musical instrument or even that its original box has been broken. Do not worry, you can pack with other boxes in such a way that the instrument fits perfectly inside; the important thing is that once inside, it does not move.

However, if there is a lot of space inside the box and the instrument moves inside, it is important to use more materials to prevent this. As mentioned above, you can make balls out of newspaper that you no longer use to take up this free space and prevent the instrument from being damaged by movement.

On the other hand, it is also important to know the dimensions of the instrument or instruments that you want to include in your move, so you should take measurements and know the weight of the instrument approximately. For that, you can do an online search for the brand and model, and thus you will find its technical characteristics, size, and approximate weight.

Hire The Service Of a Commercial Moving Company Near Scottsdale

It is a good way to ensure that this specialist company will have the necessary tools to pack, transport, and take your musical instruments to your new residence.

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