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How to Prepare for a Household Move?

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

In a move we always have to be alert so that no mishap happens to us that could cause us headaches, that is why we must analyze in detail the moving company that we are going to hire for our transfer. If we make a quick decision, based only on a few factors such as price, speed or the talk of some unscrupulous commercial, when making our move we can find ourselves in very unpleasant situations.

Next, we will develop a series of common factors and situations that can occur in any type of particular move, whether local, provincial, national or international.

Tips and common mistakes in a move

Leave the move for the last minute

This usually happens very often, because we do not usually spend the time that a transfer deserves, in which many factors usually intervene, since in most cases it is not just about transporting goods from one place to another without further ado.

Contacting the moving agencies as soon as possible is essential when making a correct assessment of all the parameters involved in a move and that necessarily takes time, if we want to make a move that is balanced in terms of quality and price.


It is always convenient to carry out an inventory of the goods that we are going to move. It is not necessary to inventory everything, but what has more value, be it for the price, the sentimental value or everything that we need to use on a daily basis.

Take the opportunity to clean

With this we do not mean that you should clean the apartment before moving, nothing is further from our intention, what we want to emphasize is that it may still be a good time to get rid of those goods that you no longer use for anything and that in your new home will only occupy a space that can be useful to store any other object. This usually happens to us with old appliances, books, old clothes, outdated electronic items, deteriorated furniture, etc. You must understand that if the budget they offer you is by volume, you will not only get rid of weight, but you can also save some over the budgeted volume price.

Secure your belongings

Another factor that must be taken into account, when making a move, is to ensure our assets are as best as possible. We have to be clear about what type of packaging we want, the degree of the delicacy of each object that must be packed is essential to make a safe trip for your goods.

In Phoenix Moving Company they have all kinds of packaging material, if you want to leave this task in their hands they will have no problem in making the best packaging, but if you want to do it yourself, as is the case with many clients, you must make sure that the materials for wrapping and packaging are the most appropriate.

It is good to "collect" cardboard boxes, preferably with a higher grammage, newspaper or magazines, bubble wrap, adhesive tape, strong ropes, etc... but always knowing that the moving company has all these types of material for making the move in the safest way.

Animals and plants

We must make sure that the transport of our pets or plants is as comfortable as possible. Either way, the professionals at Arizona Moving Company will make sure that all your plants are well packed and safe or that your pets are as comfortable as possible during the trip.

We hope these tips have been useful to you.

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