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7 Tips for the Perfect Move

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Carrying out a move is a very difficult task, at first it may seem impossible, to try to ensure that everything we have in our home is perfectly packed. Follow these 7 useful tips that our Local Moving Company In Phoenix accumulated over all these years of experience.

1. It must be organized in time, at least two to three weeks before making the move.

You have to be clear that organizing all the packing and crating can take a long time. Starting with enough time is vital to have everything organized and make your move with ease. You can start by planning how you are going to pack each room, how many boxes you will need for each room, etc.

2. Get what you need to pack everything correctly.

You can get what you need at office supply stores, post offices, appliance stores, food or post offices, etc... The products you will need are Bubble wrap (for the most delicate materials), newsprint, packing tape, large sack bags. Also, you will need a marker to label the boxes, medium-sized 5X5cm labels (to stick on the boxes), although this is optional, it will make your work much easier if you are going to pack only in cardboard boxes.

3. Calculate how many boxes you will need.

Consider that you will need three or four different sizes of boxes: small, medium, large, and very large. This task will depend on the number of objects you need to transport. Here we cannot give you a specific figure, but it is convenient that you take into account that small boxes are what you will need the most. A reasonable ratio might be 15% of huge boxes, 15% of big boxes, 25% of medium boxes and 45% of small boxes.

4. Find resistant boxes, without damage.

Check the boxes do not have tears or are stained. Make sure they can close perfectly and that the cardboard is reinforced, at least 4 to 5mm thick. If they have four flaps, instead of two, better. If you do not find boxes anywhere, think that at Local Moving Company Near Phoenix we have boxes to provide you.

5. Separate objects by use and need.

To facilitate the placement of all your belongings in the new home, it is convenient to store them together, all those that are similar. This is very important and will make your work much easier when it comes to unpacking everything in your new home since it will save you a lot of time when you settle in again.

For example, if something has several parts, you should make sure that they all go together in the same box, or on the contrary, if you have several collections of books in different rooms and you want them to remain that way in your new home, do not mix the books that will go in different rooms.

6. Use transparent bags to store small items of all kinds.

Small objects should never be dropped in a box, as they will make it very difficult for you to correctly restore your new home. It is advisable to mark on each bag the precedence and the items that you keep in it. And of course, you must make sure that it is perfectly closed.

7. Customize all packaging boxes.

Before closing the box, you must write on two of the sides of the boxes, what they contain and where they will be located in your new home. For example DVD box and books for the living room. Make sure you don't close any boxes before specifying their contents.

We hope that this small guide will help you in your move but always remember that you can count on Local Moving Company In Phoenix for peace of mind.

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