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How To Organize a House Move Step By Step?

After finding your new home, all that remains is to organize the home move. Yes, it can be a hard process. However, doing it well and orderly will make it easier for you to start your new life. It is normal to feel overwhelmed. Therefore, contacting a moving company near Glendale can be a good option. Next, we will explain how to organize the move of your house.

Organize a House Move Step by Step

After buying and selling your apartment, you have to face the always tricky moving process. It is the first step to enjoying your new life, your new home. Fears give way to stress and nerves in the face of the organizational challenge of moving from home. However, organizing a home move can be easier than you think if you take your time and if you do things in a planned way.

Start Organizing The Move 2 Months Before

Yes, we already know that given the evolution of the real estate market it can be a bit fast. You sell today and tomorrow you have to leave. However, this is no excuse for you to start organizing a house move in advance. As soon as you decide to put your property up for sale, you can start preparing the transfer. Follow these steps to make your move a success:

  • Order what you need. Before starting your new adventure, make a list of the things (furniture and personal belongings) that you will need in your new home. What you will not need, donate or throw it away.

  • Look for moving companies. Find a moving company near Glendale that will take care of your transfer. Ask for references in your close circle. Avoid budgets over the phone and demand security and professionalism.

  • Set a moving schedule. Record by writing all actions related to the home move: changes in supplies, budgets, documents, etc.

Planning Within Six Weeks Of Move-In

It is time to begin to materialize everything that you have been collecting in that moving schedule. We talk about hiring new supplies, lightening the pantry or starting to locate your belongings in the new space. Organizing a house move involves tasks beyond the mere physical transfer of furniture and appliances.

  • Hire supplies. Look for electricity, water, gas or telephony offers. It is time to cancel subscriptions and give notice of the residence change.

  • Spend or throw away. There is no point in moving open oil bottles or half cleaning products. Consume everything and make sure that your last purchase is at the latest 4 weeks before the transfer.

  • Know the spaces. You will need to know all your furniture’s sizes to see if they will fit into your new house. And you should also consider your transfer from a decorative point of view.

What To Do a Month Before

  • Close the date with your moving company near Glendale. It is important that you have a written budget with the inclusions and details of the service.

  • Make the change of address. Now yes, officially notify the bank and the supply companies of your new address. It is not a bad idea to do the same with a neighbour so that he/she will check your mail once you have moved.

Organization For The Days Before The Move

  • Prepare the appliances. Defrost the refrigerator. If you are moving a washing machine or dishwasher, it is recommended that you do not use them 48 hours before moving in order to avoid leaving water in the circuit.

  • Close all the details. Get in touch with the moving company near Glendale. If you have been in charge of packing your belongings yourself, you should have everything already packed.

  • Organize the family. If you have children, make sure there is someone to take care of them on a moving day. Notify at work and if you can, take a leave on that day.

  • Prepare a moving "emergency kit." We refer to a small suitcase with the clothes of all the members of the family for a maximum of 2 days. As well as important documentation, mobile chargers and medications in case someone takes them.

On Move-In Day!

Above all, be calm. Go over the details of the move with the moving company near Glendale. Relax and let work because surely you have hired good professionals. Your presence at the new address is essential where you will have to tell the operators where you want each item.

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