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Moving Tips

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

We all know that moving is a difficult and stressful time in people's lives. Whether it's just down the street, or across the country, stress always seems to show up at some point in the transition. Here are our moving tips to help you reduce stress for you and your family.

DESIGNATE A DONATIONS PILE: It’s easy to get carried away and go into survival mode before a move. If you slow down and take stock, however, you’ll notice that some of what you’re packing isn’t really something you want or need. When you do, try making a pile for clothing and other miscellaneous items that you can later donate to the Salvation Army or Don’t forget to ask for a receipt to claim a tax deduction!

PLAN YOUR MEALS: You can derive tremendous relief from the simple act of planning your meals in the weeks leading up to your move. By eating frozen food, perishable items, and leftovers, you can knock out one of the most demanding and strenuous tasks that inevitably accompanies a move: cleaning out your refrigerator and trying to transport the contents of your fridge.

UPDATE ACCOUNTS: While it’s something everyone knows, stress can do strange things and it’s certainly worth repeating: remember to update your address on all your accounts (utilities and subscriptions) several weeks before moving day.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK: It may sound odd for us to say this, but we encourage you to shop around. Moving fees vary considerably. We’re confident in our prices and services. We think you’ll find We Got Moves! to be among the most reasonably priced, quality moving services in the Phoenix area!

FIND AFFORDABLE SOLUTIONS: If you can, schedule your move for the middle of the month or the middle of the week in order to cut costs. Believe it or not, it’s cheaper to move then!

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