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What to Ask a Professional Moving Company?

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

So, you have to decide to move to a new city. It’s never easy to relocate to another place lock, stock and barrel. The task is overwhelming and you should rely on the skill and experience of a residential moving company Tempe. But there are many of them and you need to figure out a good one that fits your bill. Start with asking a set of questions. Post mortem the answers and you can easily see who can serve you best.

What is the experience of the company?

‘Practice makes a man perfect’ – you surely have heard the adage. For a company, years of experience brings perfection or excellence in their work. Therefore, hiring a moving company with years-long experience will give you a peace of mind that they will leave no or little mistakes in their work. Any company, which offers low-quality service, would not have survived competition for a long time.

Does the company have registration?

Any professional mover must have a valid license and a USDOT number. Local movers are obliged to follow the state rules and not the federal rules. However, moving license requirements and regulations vary by state.

What about the insurance coverage?

It is important to ask the company about the insurance options. After signing the Bill of Lading, you get the free Basic Limited Liability Protection Coverage. If you demand enough protection against loss or damage of your possessions, request them to show valid moving insurance.

How long does it take to get a moving and storage quote?

The company may give you a quote over the phone or through email before asking the details about how many and what type of things to be moved. Therefore, the varying quotes are most unlikely to be correct. It’s important to get a full quote that will clearly mention the entire moving cost and other related services. You need to think about some of the factors that are good for moving and a storage quote. These factors demand some extra charges along with the work done so that you will be getting the best from the company. All you know here is that the company will provide the best quote and along with the details that you need for it. You will be happy to deal with it.

Do they demand a deposit?

Usually most of them demand an upfront charge for their service to avoid last-minute cancellations. An Arizona moving company has their own schedule which is disrupted if you cancel service at the eleventh hour. The moving deposit is meant to recoup losses in the event of cancellation.

Each moving company has a policy of its own for booking deposits. The deposit should not exceed the 20% of the total moving and storage cost. Never make full payment and make sure to clear the dues only after each of your belongings has reached the new address safely and without any damage. This is a basic norm and it happens to almost all the big moving companies as they process the entire work.


When you are hiring the old hand in the industry then you will not have to worry about the end product. It will certainly match up to your goal. You can definitely rely on the moving company and let them do all the duties that are being offered by these companies. You will definitely find a reason to make a decision to hire them and give the entire responsibility to their shoulders so that you can sit back and concentrate on some other things.

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